Words can change everything

This category of the blog will focus on the importance of words in our culture. The first task is to establish the correct definition of words that are being robbed from our culture. The changes are happening so fast that the coming generation will likely become quite confused how words like rainbow, gay, mermaids, marriage, identity, conversion therapy etc once had quite distinct meanings some of which were wholesome and used by families and churches in more innocent times. These are the disappearing words or words which have been reassigned.

The second is to consider words that are used in the church very frequently but are not to be found in the Bible. The reason for focusing on these words is that when we start to use non-biblical vocabulary, the danger is that we can move into heresy quite quickly. The vocabulary of the Bible is sufficient we believe to get a full understanding of Christianity. So we will examine many of these words and phrases and ask if they are indeed true to the Bible. So many of the sermons and messages that are put our today are merely motivational talks on the one hand or super-spiritual language on the other hand. Our intention is to bring these words under the scrutiny of the word of God. 

I believe we will be amazed at how powerful it is when we restrict our vocabulary to actual bible terms and not new sensational vocabulary. You may also wish to suggest words and phrases we should examine.

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