Revisionism – Erasing the Truth

Revisionism is essentially changing or revising history as we know it and have been taught. This has usually come through works of fiction, through books, film and television.


At its best revisionism is changing the way we think by adjusting our understanding due to the weight of new evidence. This improves the accuracy of what we know and helps us better understand why our country and our world are like they are today. 


But there is another more sinister aspect of revisionism becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s media, that is telling deliberate lies about history to make modern morals and beliefs appear to have always been the norm. This begs the question, does history have to be true? 


Everyone loves a movie based on a true story but we understand that to make an entertaining film lots of fictional details will be added to embellish the story. But when the context of the story is changed so that it deceives the viewers, young people are especially left with a confused understanding of history. 


The subtilty today lies in areas like ethnic diversity.  The BBC apparently aims to have a quota of 15% of ethnic characters in all its productions. This works well for contemporary drama yet they make a movie like ‘King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table’ and a number of African characters appear in leading roles. Or Les Miserables where the chief of Police becomes an African, or David Copperfield, who is now Indian.  Most historical movies by the BBC now have African characters placed strategically. This is not a racist issue, one would not expect, for example, Saladin to be played by a white blonde. But it is not just the BBC. Hollywood transformed the new Mary Poppins movie by transforming several characters into African.  The point I am making here is that it is very fine and quite correct to represent a multicultural society in a contemporary setting but to push that understanding back much before the 1960s in the UK is just confusing young people who never experienced anything before their lifetime. In my school and college education I never met or saw anyone from another nation. That was how it was for most people in England even then. The only African I ever saw was a preacher who was invited to our home for dinner. And I was told not to stare and be polite, such was the novelty.


Another major push by the media in the UK and America is the importance of including LGBTQ characters in all of their movies. This means that if a novel does not have a gay character, then one has to be created or they make one of the leading characters explicitly homosexual. This was the case with the recent movie about Queen Anne among many others. 


Feminism is a major inspiration for revisionists as more and more male characters are being changed to female. Not only are the heroes becoming strong, sometimes masculine, women but they are being contrasted with weak immoral men who usually get their come-uppance. 


Why is this very brief consideration of revisionism important to us? Simply that if history is capable of being changed and nobody is really sure of the truth any more, there will be more films about Jesus being a homosexual, about the Bible supporting a gay lifestyle and sensational Hollywood movies about the bible will be the ‘truth’ that most people will receive in whatever forms that will appear. You can be sure that one day there will be a gay movie about David and Jonathan.


“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Similarly, lies will enslave you.


Fight for Truth.


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