Climate Change – No Fear

Climate change has always been with us, and with our forefathers. We know that in the time of Dickens that skating on the canals was common, even skating on the Thames was possible, even more so in the Middle Ages. Glaciers have moved up and down the mountains as they have shrunk or grown. I remember many years ago in Austria being shown a glacier by an old Austrian who told me that he remembered when he was a boy that the glacier was much longer.

I remember when I was young in Cornwall, England, times when the snow was drifted over the hedges and the ice on the ponds was 18 inches thick. But my mother tells of a time when the snow was one metre (3 feet) deep and lasted for weeks when she was younger. Even so, after the freeze of 1962 we were warned that we were returning to a new ice age. We learned about all of these things in our geography lessons and on the news. Did we worry? To be honest I was rather looking forward to a new ice age as I loved the snow. So more snow meant more fun. I was not too concerned about people not being able to get to work.

So fast-forward to today’s climate (and I don’t mean the weather). The media has done a good job of stirring up a frenzy. The teachers at schools and colleges have added to creating the drama. Suddenly it is an emergency. Fear, panic, demonstrations, protests, campaigns. Suddenly people have been sold the idea that you can actually stop the climate changing. We can actually affect how the world and the universe is progressing and developing. And this time it is going in the ‘warming’ direction.

Of course, much of the emphasis on how we treat our planet is very valid and the huge devastation of forests in Russia and Brazil among others is a disaster. But don’t forget we cut down our trees centuries ago. And the proliferation of plastic in the last 50 years was going to be a growing concern as we pretended it might disappear and return to the earth.

But climate change was in full swing long before we drove cars, flew in planes and heated our homes and ate meat. It has always been a part of life on earth. We have submerged cities and submerged forests. It is fear that drives us to save the world. It is fear that makes people angry that their panic is not being taken seriously.

Sometimes we easily forget that our lives are not permanent here on earth. Our future is somewhere else. The world will not last forever. Every Sunday we sing about the return of Jesus. God is even more beautiful than the snow-capped mountains. Do we care about his creation? Yes we do. However, we want to save the people, even more than the forests. It is only God that we need to fear. Respect God, then respect the planet.

And the waters prevailed so mightily on the earth that all the high mountains under the whole heaven were covered. The waters prevailed above the mountains, covering them fifteen cubits deep.  (Genesis 7:19)


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  1. Prof. Mark Farries

    Concern over climate change is a distraction from the growth of wealth in the world. We asked the Chinese to make our stuff and the Indians to program our stuff. This was great for lifting a billion people out of poverty and giving them the opportunity to have decent houses, food and travel the world. However the Earth is struggling to supply enough resource for all people to live a Western lifestyle. We won’t have any success asking some people to stay poor so that we can live well. Simplistically we could have two choices, lower every bodies standard or living or have less people. Unfortunately this won’t work because the rich will fight to maintain their lifestyle and the poor will have lots of children to give them a secure future. Therefore we need to invest heavily in technology so that we can all have a good lifestyle without burning up our planet.
    When the Temple in Israel needed to be built God gave technology skills to craftsmen so they could build it. He continues to give skills to engineers and scientists so that they can solve the problem we face today. We will continue to be inspired with new solutions until it is time for the World to end.

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